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       Srithepthai Group has been established in 1962 as a partnership company in purpose of modifying all kinds of automobile body. Our principle is to conduct business with integrity. Since the availability of skills and personnel’s, the company has been trustworthy from the customers continuously.


       In 1973, plastic products have played important role to people lives. Srithepthai Group has decided to develop its business into plastic industry started by producing plastic bags. With the great success in our first step engaged by all reliable and supportive customers, we strongly are confidence to expand the business. Srithepthai Group started importing plastic resin from overseas to supply in plastics industries. As a result, the competition in plastic businesses has increased; more types and specific grades of resins which are beneficial for manufacturers as an alternative of better qualify raw material. Not only decreasing production cost, it also gives consumers the opportunity to use standard quality products with cheaper price. Thus we are very proud to be a part of plastic industry development.


       Under the philosophy “Ethics lead Business”, Srithepthai Group has been prospering continuously. Its name is acceptable to both domestic and international. Presently, Srithepthai Group has invested in various sectors and has established over 20 subsidiaries and joint ventures companies. Each company always follows the philosophy “Ethics lead Business”


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